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Sola Roof Members are persons who share our Sola Roof Goal and intend to observe our community ethics and policies and participate in our community and who may be contributors to or users of our Knowledge Base. We must always remember that the general public also has internet access to all of the information that members do and that our Open Source Policy will not exclude any person. We simply request that visitors will also respect our community's Core Values since these are ethical guidelines that call for the voluntary support of our mission to collaborate to BUILD a sustainable future.

We are open to all who would like to participate - just send me an email (give me the user name that you would sign in with) and I will reply with login information and add you to our registry below. If you have recieved the password then you can edit this page (click the Edit Page link at the header or footer) and add your own name to the list. Subsequently you can use your Profile (member) name to sign for page edits. You can use a screen name (nick name) or your real name in the form of a wiki word, which is two or more capitalized words mashed together or Caps stringed with some lower case characters. Please use a personal name (not a company or organization name) unless your internet identity is synonymous with the project or organization.

When you add your name to the list and save the page you will see a ? after your name. Click on it and that will take you to your Profiles Page which you can use to provide our community an introduction to yourself and your activities, links to your places on the internet and specific pages or projects that you work on here. If you use a screen name please give us you "real name" at a minimum. Thanks so much for your participation!