Franz Nahrada from Vienna Austria

skype handle = globalvillagesinfo

Hi Franz - great to see you here! When you SAVE page edits it seems Case sensitive - Recent Changes creates a link to your Profiles Page if you capitalize Globalvillagesinfo but if not it looks for a new Profiles page (showing globalvillagesinfo?) You can also have a personal wiki here by setting up a personal Group that could be called FranzNahrada/FranzNahrada which creates the link Franz Nahrada which works across all of the subwiki groups of this wiki. This what I have done at Sola Roof Guy.

But it might be even better for you to establish a Group that you would lead and moderate called Global Villages - this could practically become your home page here if you like and I would certainly participate and help with this group.

Thank you for the introduction to Les Squires and the TransitionUS community