Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base here at the Sola Roof Wiki is built by our experienced users and developers of the Sola Roof Tech. It is distributed throughout a large number of Wiki Pages that have been created by making new Wiki Words that identify the Topics that we need to document to form a complete package of information. The Knowledge Base is not a place for conversations and discussions, although it is traditional that we can discuss the Topic below a line on the page and these comments will often look like a thread discussion that you would see on a forum. The opposite of this is called Document Mode and this is the typical way to present the information on a Wiki Topic?.

The Wiki presents more than information - it is a system of knowledge because it is produced by the combined experience and expertise of the entire community and is backed up by "wisdom", which is related to knowing the best way to use or apply information. Additionally the information is always subject to scrutiny and is constantly up dated, which is why it can be called a dynamic Knowledge Base. Another aspect is that the knowledge can be questioned by anyone and comments can be quite precise so that the knowledge can be fine tuned; so that greater clarity can be established or inacurate or inconsistant content can be noted and fixed by someone with the expertise.

Anyone can jump in an use their knowledge to add to the knowledge base. Even simple information can be added where it is seen to be relevent and then others with expertise can work over this content to bring it up to the standard that we expect to see on the Wiki. In other words we are constantly publishing with Peer review as an ongoing process. Extraneous or wrong information can be deleted or edited by anyone without any formality - this is the unusual degree of freedom that is provided to all the users and contributors to the Wiki.

Would the existing EcoHabitat page(s) serve as a starting place or "play-pen" for organizational structure in this endeavor? I am very excited to explore an intuitive wiki-system for mapping out this Knowledge Base backbone of the OEC Net. Are there other considerations/objectives involved? I can understand if this requires more conceptual and directive preparation--again, maybe the "play-pen" idea is appropriate for exploratory collaboration?--EcoBen