Hi I've found this via WTF.

personally involved with Nottingham Social Forum[1]

came to this space from United Diversity

I am interested in trying to create some (primarily environmentally) sustainable homes and spaces in cities within the uk. perhaps beginning with several independent flats within a house with communal gardens, energy resources..... not completely cooperative but that being encouraged. and maybe why not taking over a whole block of terraces in a deserted old Welsh mining community, or in a city like Liverpool, and create a large sustatinable commnunity, which can also be a model to be promoted, adapted..... the interaction would have to be based on some sort of ecological network models..... this is a new idea and so not hugely though through yet. i am off wwooffing to learn some building techniques, about alternative living methods but hope to engage in this idea in earnest when i return.

a community such as Sola Roof may be a great place to share ideas, techiniques, info on how to do this

i hope this space develops into something strong

Hi Reg, welcome to the community - I think its great that you are looking at projects in urban environments - you should also join the yahoo solaroof forum where there are a couple hundred members and a thousand Q & A - Solaroofguy