JS Forest

JS Forest


My name is Jean-Sébastien Forest, and I'm a studying architecture at Université Laval, Quebec city, Quebec, Canada. Presently, I'm completing my first degree studies at Day Hoc Xay Dung (National Superior School of Civil Engeneering) in Hanoi, Vietnam.

First of all, I must say that my first language is french, so excuse the spelling mistakes I will make.

Last semester, I designed a emergency shelter using the technology developed by Mr Ross Eliott from Mc Donald?'s Corner, Ontario, Canada. He is using soap bubbles as a way for usulating and controling the solar gains in his glass house.

I'm working on a paper in prevision of my master project. I'd like to use the same soap bubble technic, but on a permanent building this time. We have a famous teacher who studied bioclimatic in Oxford University in England. His name is André Potvin. Maybe some of you know him. Anyways, I will ask him to be my mentor for my master project.

You can see my portfolio on my blog : spaces.msn.com/jsforest/

My emergency shelter is not there yet, but it will be available soon for you to see.