Richard Nelson

This is a workspace for my personal projects, while Sola Roof Guy will continue to be the place to lead the community. We are just converted over to Pm Wiki V.2 and many of my goals for the Sola Roof Wiki and the other Wiki that could grow here have become much more clear over the last year. Therefore, this is a good time for some revision and cleaning up and one step I will make is to migrate from using Solaroofguy to using the Sola Roof Guy identity. I will start building new pages in the Sola Roof Guy group and also I will migrate some of the pages from the old Solaroofguy Personal Website. Actually, it is not so difficult because I implemented my Solaroofguy Log separately and as you see, that name works as a link across all groups (because it follows the general case of GroupName/GroupName using a Wiki Word?. However, to be consistant I could just set up a Wiki Blog at Sola Roof Guy. I will also have a Blog here.

(Now, about a year later, I have done what I planned above. However, I will not Blog here since the focus is on the SolaRoofGuy WikiBlog).

Lucas, I know you are super busy with the new if-wms wiki and forum but this How To was your suggestion, so please look in from time to time and see how I am doing.

Richard, I like the extensive use of links in your explanations. Somehow it shows a kind of user fliendliness. Ps. How does my name in the Author box relate to this space? Does it rename me as the author of everthing here? Do I need to sign discussion entries like this: