Open Eco Community

The Sola Roof Community is working together with:

to build a wider community where we can feel at home and enhance our productivity. We will be able to share other resources and connect with persons of like interest who seek to build a better world. We would like to cooperate with all those interested in thriving local communities and especially those who are practicing Sustainable Living at home and in their local community so that we can share Best Practices.

The goal of our wider social collaboration is to transform the Life Style of both the Minority Have and the Majority Have Not communities so that both have new options for Right Living and Right Livelihoods. A collective effort is needed among a vast social movement that is self organizing using Open Space Technology that is tuned into the Global Challenges, which have simple, practical solutions when people and communities transition to living in harmony with each other and the planet, in full democratic control of their own destiny..

Technology alone will never bring us to the goal but only a unifying Spirit that considers all life as sacred can assure our success. Our collaboration on the theme of harmonizing human and planetary ecology must strive to be inclusive; thus we consider Bio Diversity? and Cultural Diversity? to be essential to the Eco Living pattern that will emerge to provide true security, wealth and wellbeing for all people.

The emergence of this powerful new pattern will manifest new Economic Paradigms and will Democratize Democracy?. While we are a Tech Community?, we should all participate in this great social evolution and so we welcome everyone to establish social connections in this section of the Sola Roof Wiki. The only condition that I would set is that we use this Open Space for positive relationship building and never to attack anyone - even those we consider to be against us.

Your friend and collaborator - Sola Roof Guy