Sola Roof Apps

In this section we concentrate on documenting our Best Practices for Building Construction - how to "configure" and optimize Sola Roof Tech for applications such as:

  • Solar Greenhouse - provides an ideal Solar Controlled Environment for growing horticultural and food crops and maximizing production while requiring minimum energy and conserving water resources. Our purpose here is to share DIY applications such as Back Yard Project or a Sun Space that is attached to your home; there are also similar Tunnel Greenhouse designs for the Family Farm and Eco Village. Larger greenhouses, with extensive horizontal roofs of large area are called Wide Span designs and will be used for Commercial Grower applications of many types. All of these Sola Roof Apps need to be studied to document the best practices for operation and growing various crops as well as sharing operational experiences in various climates. The structural methods and other technical aspects are covered in the Sola Roof Tech section; this section is more about using our technology to get the best results for our personal or business purpose.
  • Architectural Apps will be very diverse and will include many building types such as the Garden Home or Vertical Greenhouse and both the rural Eco Village and urban Ecomimicry Architecture including Vertical Farming concepts. Eco Habitat developments need to be planned and designed for integrated - living, working and recreational spaces, which are always comfortable and productive using our highly efficient Blue Green solutions. We look here at the "whole systems" approach to design that offers ecological life support to create self reliant living patterns which can be pioneered by cities and towns based on our exemplar project with our City of Drammen waste recycling/treatment enterprise Lindum. These applications all must express the living structures pattern that is based upon growing living plants for W 2 F 4 E, which is a new paradigm for Solar Energy? conversion to that sustains the process of Waste to Food, Feed, Fibre, Fuel for Energy that is for community integrated solutions for waste disposal, where all organic wastes, after treatment using anaerobic Bio Digesters? are broken down to valuable Bio Resources? that are used as input to produce abundant food, feed, fiber and fuel for clean energy - all these essentials are thereby produced locally - within urban communities.
  • Open Eco Center Projects have the purpose of generating public awareness, and for providing educational opportunities for professionals and encounters with Eco Living for people from all walks of life. Some of these projects will be at educational sites while other may be oriented to Eco Tourism?. Whatever the application, it is important that many Eco Centers be operated as experiential “living laboratories” where the practical day to day details and operational knowledge can be developed and publicized. As residential training centres they can provide people across our global community, including social entrepreneurs and our Sola Roof Members the advantage of longer time periods of living with and researching the technology – so that over time – a detailed knowledge base will be built, which is our most important asset.
  • Process Management for Designing and Building Solaroof Structures It would be useful to define a step-by-step Design Build Procedure? for building a structure using Solaroof technology. This should be structured as a template which lays out all the steps and resources dedicated to such construction. This writeup should also be a work in development, where various best practices are developed and shared interactively.

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