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Welcome to my page at solaroof. I'm a member of Minciu Sodas I live in the Canary Islands (Spain, off the north-west coast of Africa) and my blogs in Spanish are ("cothinking") and now ("imagine the Canaries - sustainability, in water and food and energy - in 3 years")

I've translated the main page for the Almeria project (into Spanish)

I started translating the Technical proposal at -- that's currently "in the making".

I met Rick around 28th dec 2004 when he was travelling with his family. Nice 3.25 hours of friendly chat. More to come I expect.

--- Pedro Arrojo Zaragoza will host Expo 2008 "Water and sustainability"

--- Mentioned by Dr George Chan (this link came up in google - nothing special that I know) "controlled environment, meaning light and temperature are controlled" - which sounds good for solaroof



I've gotten in touch (in one of the instances it was through 's "Meet & Greet" post) with people who want to build a job around "ecology counseling" in Spain. I'm suggesting they look into solaroof as one important element in their toolkit. Same for knowledge etc. "Connected hubs" and "sharing what works" are important concepts/implementation, and I can easily imagine them multiplying wildly in the next future.

I've looked at people who sell components for greenhouses locally in Tenerife. I'll be visiting them to see what they sell and what the "vocabulary" is - so I will be able to ask for specifications regarding plastic, aluminium, fans etc. I want to disclose all this stuff in Spanish at so people may get into DIY just like at is doing. In fact, I'm eager to read further specifications there!

I'm also slowly getting in touch with "local" people with knowledge, money and - better still - a personal interest in trying things so that we can avert the danger of unsustainability in the Canaries. (Imagine London sorrounded by the ocean! Ok, now imagine an oil-supply crisis. Did it? Ok, thanks!)

Hi Lucas, I have been using the Calendar feature to set up a Blog for David - who is setting up a group called the Self Help Corp and I seemed to be successful - so I thought I would help you to get your Blog working.

Thanks, Solaroofguy