Erico 47

Currently working on Third Place project (place-making sanctuary for Plan B scenario) advocating Home / Work / Life balance and achieving Triple-Bottom-Line (3BL) via SOHO Tech 3.0

Going forward from SOHO (Small-Office-Home-Office) to LOHO (Life Of Harmony) without being BOBO (Bourgeois-Bohemian: Yuppie types who pretend not to be), practicing LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability) and achieving Triple-Bottom-Line of Profit-People-Planet or Economy-Equity-Ecology, via SOHO-Technology 3.0 at SOHOMINIUM

Special Areas of Interest / Provision of Services:

(1) Co-working Centre / Shared Office / Community Development (2) Permaculture / Agro-Forestry (3) Biochar / Vermicompost / Nutrient-Dense Foods (4) LOHAS and Transition Culture (5) Social Environmental Entrepreneurship Development (SEED)

Eric Y.F. Lim

Skype: ericlim47 MSN: Google Talk?: ericolot1300

Chinese Name 林运福 (Eric Y.F. Lim)