Matthew Nash

I am a 26 year old uni grad (modern languages) with a passion for sustainability and an entrepreneurial spirit.

I have recently taken a Permaculture Design Certificate course, which details an excellent system of holistic, sustainable design principles - working with natural systems and appropriate technologies. See in the US, or add .au or .uk

Since meeting Rick, I have become fascinated by the potential of Sola Roof technology and would like to discuss with other members of the community ideas for forming a business plan to make Sola Roof technology available to members of the public.

I have in mind mainly residential housing, but I am, of course, open to all possible applications for this technology. The oil from algae group looks fascinating.

I do not have advanced technical, engineering, or construction knowledge - my strength would be rather in the sales, business, promotions, communication of ideas.

I can also offer help with translation to and from French, Russian, and possibly some Spanish, if anyone is engaged in projects in non-English speaking countries.

My email is

I am currently based in Crawley, West Sussex.