Jeff Buderer

Jeff Buderer OVF Program Development Manager Sustainable Development Consultant

Jeff Buderer was exposed at an early age to the influences of hir mother's dedication to environmental stewardship. He soon began to recognize that there was a dire need to better balance human needs with the appropriate management of natural resources. This has evolved into a lifelong learning process that is focused on an interdisciplinary approach to human development and evolution. He graduated from Southwest Missouri State University at Springfield MO with a degree in Political Science and a minor in International Relations in 1998.

He then embarked on a three-year stint at Arcosanti, a unique live/work experiment in architecture and urban design located in the desert of Arizona 70 miles north of Phoenix. A major theme of Arcosanti is to provide a more ecologically and socially sustainable alternative to existing development models. His everyday experiences as well as his exposure to Arcosanti founder Paolo Soleri's theories on Arcology served as a platform from which expand his imagination in relation to innovative and forward thinking approaches to sustainable development. At the same time he feels his experiences at Arcosanti have been important in getting him to see the challenges of creating organizations to promote effective socioeconomic change in relation to organizational development and the importance of understanding organizational dynamics. Being a crew leader in the construction of Arcosanti helped him to start to see the practical challenges of managing people and resources, and organizing a project to effectively achieve its goals.

In the Fall of 2000 he participated in a four month seminar at the Ecosa Institute in Prescott Arizona - a total immersion process in ecological design - that includes several well known eco- architects as well as a diverse group of leaders and innovators from the emerging field of ecological design.

A major theme in his work is to promote an integrated approach to sustainable development that is interdisciplinary. He believes that sustainability need not stifle a sense of prosperity and well being. In fact he believes strongly that when properly designed, sustainable human systems can provide a sense of pride and self-worth at the local level, protect the ecology of the earth, while also creating jobs and economic security. Having left Arcosanti, Jeff now is working with the oneVillage Foundation to promote these ideas on a practical level through the development of built environments and social networks that authentically reflect people's needs for a prosperous and lively existence while also respecting the finiteness of ecological as well as human resources both here in the US and in developing countries.

Contact: Jeff Buderer 408.813.5135 102 Ballatore Court San Jose, CA 95134