Residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I am planning a greenhouse design for a commercial aquaponics operation. This involves the combination of aquaculture with hydroponics in a closed ecosystem where energy input and waste is reduced a great deal over traditional aquaculture. The gravel growbeds act as living biofilters for fish waste, while fertilizing plants with a nutrient rich solution that is much closer to organic that hydroponics. Due to the climate here, the Sola roof design has great potential for this project, and may be especially suited to this application due to the increased thermal mass of the fish tanks. Another obvious and major benefit is the factor of carbon dioxide generation by the fish to supply the needs of plants in this system.

Hayden Plunkett
Ravenmoon Visions Inc.

Hi Hayden, welcome to the wiki! The large liquid thermal mass of aquaponics is a great advantage and that goes for the floating raft producion of crops as well and this avoids some hassels with a medium like gravel. Hope to see your project moving ahead! All the best, Rick (Sola Roof Guy)