I had the pleasure of speaking to the Solaroofguy briefly at WTF

Keen to continue the dialogue!

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Hi Mamading, welcome to the Sola Roof Wiki - I hope that you encourage some others from United Diversity to participate and we will also be working with them. I moved the link to your Personal Home Page to the Sola Roof Members page and I wondered if you would like to develop a Personal Website similar to the one I am working on at Solaroofguy Home Page - then we would list this Personal Space at the Personal Website page. - Solaroofguy

Well, I know you've heard from Josef and I certainly do mention Sola Roof from time to time in various discussions. I'll do what I can, when I can.

Mamading, what is the problem with udoo? - I cannot open the site for a few days now. -Solaroofguy

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