Ed Fasula

Iím here primarily because I want to work in an Open Source community. I believe this model has the best chance for getting people together as a true community and confronting the enormous challenges our civilization now faces. I also believe that lifestyle change, as Rickís technology supports, is key to getting through this time of challenge in a positive way.

Iíd like to contribute in any way that is useful to move the brick and mortar (fabric and bubble) Open Source effort forward. I have worked on sustainable technology appropriate to grassroots implementation and have served technical and managerial roles in the engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries so I have some general skills and experience to offer. But much more importantly, I think that everyone in the world has something to offer to the sustainable movement if we can get away from living solely as consumer-employee-self-helpers. Iím excited to join with others to learn, share, and produce.

I also believe that, as creative community is formed to meet profoundly important human needs, it is necessary that profound human community be created in conjunction. I see a possibility to unleash people from pigeon hole roles and integrate technology, art, and spirituality.

Great to have you here Ed. I have been really encouraged by your messages and I hope Lorna will also get involved on the Blue Green concepts. I corrected the links above to connect directly to the SolaRoof/PageName section of the Wiki. For example if you want a link to my Almeria Project you just use the Wiki Group name and the page name, like this: AlmeriaProject/AlmeriaProject = Almeria Project
We don't create any pages in this Profiles WikiGroup except our "member" pages. But from this page you can link to other Personal Space within the Wiki, for example you can set up you own personal wiki - like my personal wiki website: Sola Roof Guy
Thanks. Did you finally get my last drawing? I meant to cc my work account but ended up just sending it there and not to you, sorry. But if I don't hear back from you soon on the ecoTipi I'm going to pop from over-anticipation!

Yes I got that drawing and I looked at the JPEG which looks like the correct view. I will put together an email with some further details. Also, you can look at the Fabric Tech? section of the wiki where there is a link to Sola Fabrics? and then to a supplier called Shelter Systems. Have a look at their site in the meantime. I asked Solid Works about my download problem and they replied to assure me that it is okay and it is a glitch that comes up because of my Norton virus scan seeing a problem that is not real. So I will try again. Also, I do have Auto CAD? 2004 and I can view (and rotate in 3D) those type of files.

Ed: I would like to see you building a commercial greenhouse that would be designed on the Bio Synthesis? concept with the pole structure, rather then the hoop style. This layout will be quite effiecient for the liquid cooling/chilling concepts and while you are not in a climate like Agro Best it is still a good direction for development for many other reasons. My feeling is that such a project would need a group wiki to provide the documentation and collaboration framework. Would you like to suggest a name for the group (format: GroupName/GroupName) and you can make a link from here. You can be the chief maintainer of this group and I will help set up the group and we can begin to plan the project in detail, "working openly". - Sola Roof Guy