My usual email address is and I usually check Solaroof Wiki activity each day. I am interested in making comfortable living quarters in the desert and growing algae to extract oil - see It is new - we are still figuring it out. If you decide to join, it will ask why, just reference solaroof.

Welcome Bobby! Can you supply your url address for your website that you mention above? or any other links to algae? You could add to our Mass Algae Culture page or create a page linked from that page.

I will take you up on the invitation to join your "oil from algae" Forum. I am very interested in the dry arid lands - I have been planning to implement a project in Spain - see the Almeria Project. - Sola Roof Guy

Hi Bobby, I see you would like to sign as Bobby, that's okay - this can be your active profile page and just in case, you Bobby Emory page is still there as well. - Sola Roof Guy