Sola Roof Tech

Introduction to Sola Roof Tech Concepts
The following Technology Sections will detail the fundamentally new technical concepts that are shaping this unique transparent solar structure; a solar design that is certainly unlike any known solar home, greenhouse or biosphere project.

The Sola Roof greenhouse for DIY, which is FREE for use by individuals, families and family farms is a totally "new and improved" approach to the well known Tunnel Greenhouse, which includes:

  1. Structure Tech - strong, light metal Structures
  2. Fabric Tech - high strength, high transparency covers
  3. Liquid Solar Tech - for Solar Controlled Environments
  4. Bubble Tech - for dynamic liquid Insulation & Shading
  5. Controlled Environment - for closed atmosphere, CO 2 enriched growing
  6. Phyto Tech - algae biomass culture for Bio Fuel
  7. Open Eco Design - a collaboration to develop the ecological life support systems required for self reliant homes and communities

You may follow the links below to learn more about Sola Roof Tech.

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