Janos Abel

I love wikis when used in collaboration for efforts to build the possible Good World.

I am a practical philosopher (untutored) interested in the chain of connections between the highest (most general) and the lowest (most specific) aspects of "reality".

Hence my interest in solar technology. I regard this technology as a feature of human evolution. Just as some cells billions of years ago learned to capture the energy of solar radiation, we humans finally are learning to develop the know how that will enable us to live within the earth's energy income from the Sun.

I tend to get impatient with the hysteric brigade on the climate change band wagon giving an excuse to the "Industrial-military complex" to lock us into a nuclear future.

A further reason for my interest is my dissatisfaction with the primitive centralised power generation technology that dominates people's thinking about possible alternatives. We have this absurdly "inelegant" process of getting fuel out of the earth -- boiling water (or some other heat carrier) -- turning turbines -- turning generators -- pumping power for hundreds of miles -- before the product finally becomes available for consumption. How stone-age is that!

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