Paul Roth

Hello Everyone,

I am very interested in alternative ways use our natural resources, including alternative building methods and conservation. I want to establish a working greenhouse that is very efficient to be able to grow my own food, but more to learn what it takes to establish that environment without any (or at least so strive for) added energy. I believe then I could use that knowledge to better my daily life in order to get off the grid and to be self sufficient.

I am plannig to build a pit greenhouse, that was what I had planned before finding this website anyway. I have broken ground and am going to build as I come up with a plan. I wouldn't do this at work, but it's more fun that way. Too much panning makes it seem like a job to me.

I am a plant manager at an air seperation plant on a large TIO 2? manufacturing plant. My background is that I was in the Air force doing aircraft sheet metal work, then I worked in 8 Nuclear Plants performing Instrumentation maintenance as a technician, then planner and supervisor. After that I was an electric line and substation maintenance manager for about 5 years prior to getting this position.

Welcome Paul - You will get used to the wiki after you have tried it out a bit. I was wondering what TIO 2? is about and also about air separation. Is that a technology that is relevant to liquifying CO 2? Also, from the Profiles group (like this page) you need to refer to other pages by GroupName/PageName since this group is only for member's Profiles. Getting used to a wiki with many Groups is a first step to working with the Sola Roof wiki. As you figure it out perhaps you can contribute to our HowToWiki section. - Sola Roof Guy