Group Name

This is a wiki group where we can talk about forming wiki groups or Sub Wikis.

*How To pages will provide examples to guide new users

*Each group is its own Wiki with its own Name Space.

*Each group has a Start Page and a Home Page

If you are thinking of starting a group you can set out the Idea For A New Group? and see if others would like to team up to form that group. You need to think of an appropriate name for your group and then write that name in this format: GroupName/GroupName on your Profiles page, which then becomes a link to that Group Name. The name of this group, is an example, and this is a group where we can discuss and illustrate how groups can develop and what features are useful to most groups. The GroupName/GroupName is the Start Page for any group, and it makes an active link from any other group; for example I just need to write Eco Sphere to make a link from this group to my EcoSphere/EcoSphere group. Groups are open to all to participate - even those who are outside of your formal team - remember that a group is Not A Private Space.

The Sola Roof Wiki is a diverse group of Cooperative Wiki >> learn more>>

  • There are different types of Group Wiki for teams:
  • A Personal Wiki serves the needs of individuals:
    • If you would just like more space than a Profiles page can provide to interact with others and to explore your personal thoughts, planning and activity (no team, or just an informal support from friends) then the name for your group is simple - it is YourName/YourName; for example I have created Richard Nelson as a personal wiki - as distinct from my Solaroofguy? persona. These are my Personal Space on the Sola Roof Wiki. The Wiki tools are then mine to help me to plan and document my activity as I am "working openly". You are welcome to do the same. It is important to understand that while it is okay to work here on the personal challenges of transforming lifestyle to Eco Living? it is important to remember that your Personal Wiki is Not A Private Space and members can interact with other members on every page of every group.

Please participate!

Thanks Rick, there should be a link to a list of Group Names and Personal Wikis here Franz Nahrada December 29, 2011, at 07:05 AM