Bob F Csoft

I live on a rural property just outside Toronto, Canada.

I'm an engineer by training and started my career involved in hydrogen energy research back in the mid 1980's. I now own my own custom software development business and am semi retired.

I'm an avid follower of the Peak Oil theory and believe that the world may be rapidly approaching a tipping point on energy.

Tipping points are chaotic times ... and much has been written about that aspect. The optimist in me says that tipping points are also great times to become involved because small contributions can actually affect the ultimate outcome.

My interests in the solaroof are as a technology for cultivating oil bearing algae to be refined into biodiesel.

As an engineer I always like to look to building a scaled down model which can then be used to generate real data. This is perhaps where I can put my software and instrumentation skills to their best use. Also being from a colder in winter climate I'd like to put my energies into refining those models such that Canadians can contribute to growing algae for biofuel.