Blue Green Machine

Along with a concern for the environment, I have been a teacher, a licensed professional engineer (P.E.), an industrial air pollution control systems engineer (wet electrostatic precipitators, flue gas desulfurizaton systems...), an information systems analyst & architect & methodologist. Most recently I've begun developing games, tools,and software to develop cognitive & analytical skills for learning organizations. Kindly see if this is of interest too. But what is most interesting me now is sustainable, ecologically responsible industrial processes. Algae Bio-Diesel is front and center for me now.

Welcome, BGM - it is an interesting thing that I have just set up an R&D venture in the UK with Phil Lee, which is called eXtreme Blue Green. Your website looks like you have taken on a huge project - but the gaming aspect probably makes it more fun and less work. Do you know about the Oil from Algae discussion group at Yahoo? - Sola Roof Guy