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Sola Roof is a coined phrase that was first used by Richard Nelson to describe a new kind of solar roof construction. It is somtimes written as solaroof but it is intended to be thought of as two words and the Sola is a reference to the solar aspect of this roof system. As this is now an identifier for our Open Source community to use, there is certainly permission given to use this word broadly as it is intended to "belong" to the community. We reserve any trademark or copyright and dedicate such rights for use under our Creative Commons Public License as a specific Brand to refer to the type of solar roof that we are developing in this Sola Roof Wiki. Anyone can freely register their use the term - for personal use or commercial use but also they are not to make any claim to copyright therein or in any derivative use of the term or word "Sola Roof" or "solaroof". The domain name and are owned by Richard Nelson and they are dedicated to the use and purposes that are established by our Sola Roof Community. Such provisions are all in conformity with the Wiki Authoring License.

A google search shows that the large majority of use of the term solaroof is connected with the Sola Roof Community and worldwide it is a term that is now widely used - so much so that it would be deemed a public domain. In the future if we want to have a trademark I think we would do the same as the Open Source Definition have done and create a solaroof community logo that can be registered. This would not inhibit the generic use of the term. This is the approach that the OSD is taking:

"We think the Open Source Definition captures what the great majority of the software community originally meant, and still mean, by the term "Open Source". However, the term has become widely used and its meaning has lost some precision. The OSI Certified mark is OSI's way of certifying that the license under which the software is distributed conforms to the OSD; the generic term "Open Source" cannot provide that assurance, but we still encourage use of the term "Open Source" to mean conformance to the OSD. For information about the OSI Certified mark, and for a list of licenses that OSI has approved as conforming to the OSD, see the OSD

Public use of a term will result in some possibility of nullifying its availability for commercial use - and as a Brand Sola Roof will be a poor choice as it would give no distictive identiy to a product. Therefore I encourage free commercial and general use of Sola Roof as an Open Source brand because that will only increase recognition of our work and help to mainstream our technology solutions for sustainable living. At some time in the future we may also "certify" that commercial users are members of our Sola Roof community and that they conform to our Open Source standards in their use of the knowledge base. Free, open, voluntary, sharing, disclosure, development collaboratives, commercial cooperatives - these are the community values that must be promoted by users and developers alike.

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