Home Page

This is the page for The Team to use as the homebase for our collaboration in this group. It is the place where we organize and get down to business. It is not actually the Start Page, where most visitors will land and receive an introduction and orientation. I think that the Home Page is designed for insiders who basically know what is happening here. But it is also for new members of the Team to orientate and see where they can contribute to the content.

What makes an effective Home Page? Let's edit this page together to make an excellent "Pattern Language" that would serve as a good example to other groups. Thanks for your help!

Franz Nahrada December 29, 2011, at 07:08 AM

  • I think a Home Page should be like a map or Table Of Content. Now there is this little inconsistency between the idea of the Home Page (linked automatically when clicking on the groups Page header) and the Start Page which equals the page that also carries the Group Name. I see the intention stated above, but I am not sure about how this will show practically. How can this be illustrated? And how to avoid confusion?
  • Futhermore, the Home Page could state the agenda for the Team and also a description of what has been done and what is still to achieve.

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