Start Page

This is another name for the GroupName/GroupName page (in this particular case its really called: Group Name) and it is given this name because it will often be the first page created when a group is formed. The group can be first created by writing a group name (as above) because this page creates an active hyperlink across all groups within a wiki. Once the page is created you have a link to any other group just by using its name - for example from this group to Sola Roof.

Wherever Sola Roof is mentioned throughout the wiki groups it will link to the SolaRoof/SolaRoof page and therefore it will be the start or "landing" page for may visitors. Therefore it is a good idea to think about orientating the visitor with some overview about what the group is about. Direct someone with interest to reed more to the Welcome page. At the Welcome page I propose that the group speaks mostly about its values and mission with links to other pages that express why we are collaborating to build this group. The Home Page is for the group members and insiders (supporters) to organize activity and invite participation.