This group is not only an example and template that others can use, it is an actual working group that will seek to develop the best methods for using our wiki groups and discussing features and visions that we share would help us all to build the best tools for communication and collaboration.

Therefore, everyone is welcome to work here and contribute to building this group, as an example for others to use and to help new members to get started by providing a reference. Your group might look something like this one - you just need to think of a good "Group Name" for your group. This actual name of your group is used in this format: GroupName/GroupName.

Groups that are created at the Sola Roof wiki have the purpose of collaboration to "build a sustainable future". We want to support and cooperate with teams and individuals who intend to work openly on the challenges we face as we pioneer a path to that sustainable future of our dreams and avoid the nightmare scenarios that present trends will predict.

While we have a serious mission but there is still room for having some fun (try making bubbles) and making friends as we share our knowledge and experience. Our goal to create an Eco Living? lifestyle is an exciting and uplifting transformation - lets not only talk but also act on the alternatives that we develop for sustainable living - and soon the mainstream will join us.

If you can participate then register at The Team page, or if we have your interest, then let us know by saying hello and adding your voice to Our Friends page. At the monment you need the wiki password to participate or comment and you can get that from any Member or by sending me an email.

Discussion: What makes a good Welcome Page?