Personal Wiki

A personal wiki is also a "wiki group" (see: Wiki Groups) but it is set up for an individual to use. There may still be a team of supporters and friends who participate at your personal wiki, but there is no Team. It is you who provide the principle content of a Personal Wiki? and its group name is an obvious choice: Your Name

It is best if Your Name is identical to your Profiles page identity. You can use a nickname but find a way to write it as "Nick Name?" - that is, make your name into a Wiki Word?. For example I have just started a Personal Wiki? and it is called Richard Nelson, which the Pm Wiki software automatically recognizes my name as the Start Page? of my personal wiki. The address is actually Richard Nelson but as for any group we only need the Group Name to link from any other group.

You will not really get a feel for the pattern that a Personal Wiki? will follow here because this is not a Personal Wiki? - here we are working as a Team. However, many of the same pages and style will apply. Also, even on a personal wiki we have other people interacting - it is just that you always have the primary role to manage the content on your personal wiki - while at a group wiki The Team work together to provide content and they reach a consensus as they author pages together. In a very large group we can sometimes have difficulty reaching agreement on the content but if and when we do then that indicates a high degree of confidence about the "truth" of the information presented.

In other words a Personal Wiki? is subjective but a larger group will naturally be more objective. For example, personal projects are important for the variations that we as a community can explore - but the most widely used patterns provide an important guide to what is found to generally be reliable - these become our "best practices". Our wiki allows a greater flexibility to support both individual and community level activities and I believe that this process is critical to allow us to move on quickly (the Wiki Way?) to develop our solutions for Sustainable Living.