Eco Sphere

Eco Sphere A Dodecahedron Shape and Tensegrity Structure

In conventional home construction an enormous amount of wood framing is used simply to support the interior and exterior sheeting. Furthermore, in cold climates thicker insulation is now used which improves energy efficiency but requires more space in the wall cavity. As a result, modern homes are utilizing larger framing members, not for structural requirements but simply as spacer material. This results in more than 30% wood material usage increase.

By using the Buckminster Fuller concepts of the Dodecahedron Shape and a Tensegrity Structure wherein all framing members and the envelope together play an efficient structural role while eliminating the need for rigid sheeting to maintain stability. This allows for the use of a flexible transparent envelope to cover the frame while maintaining strength and rigidity. The Solaroof insulation system provides superior insulation while generating food and bio-fuel, key components in a truly self reliant living system.

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