Group Map

This page provides a Page Index? of our group. It can also be thought of as a Table Of Contents. The chapters or Categories below contain pages of the same type or that are related to each other. This organization of pages will help with the navigation of the group. There is also the function of an alphabetical listing of pages like we have as our Wiki Site Map but which would list only pages in the group. Recent Changes is a list of pages ordered by date. Blog entries are specifically named by date (can they be listed separately?) rather then by Page Name. Also, if you enter "Group Name/" in the Search Wiki? field, then you will see a list of all pages in the group. I would like to see this automated as a group Side Bar link that would automaticall list all pages in this group on this page. This will not provide relationships between pages nor will it connect pages like the Wiki Trails used for out Main Index and Sub Index pages.


Is Group Map a good name for this page? Any other suggestions?

I think it is a good name as it refers to a special map not just to the contents of a web site.