Name Space

Any Group at the Sola Roof Wiki will have the capacity to create any number of Page Name links and this is also called the "Name Space" - which is created gradually by the members and authors of the Group. This is why the Group or Wiki Group is also referred to as a Sub Wiki - here the main knowledge base is the Sola Roof Group, which is also a Sub Wiki but is the principal Group that we work on together.

I have thought that if the Wiki Blog for each Group could attach to the footer of the Group Name page that this would be a good way to keep in touch with each Group and so the Group Name page which is nearly the same as the Home Page or Welcome Page would be the key "landing page" for any Group.

If the Calendar and Wiki Blog was at the foot of this page, then this would free up the right sidebar for additional Wiki navigation - for example I have thought that when we are on any page that has a Page Name also used in other Groups that these other pages could be listed as links in the right sidebar. Another useful navigation is to list the pages that refer (with links) to the page that we are on. This is called "linked from" and I think that the coding for this has been done. Such features will make it easier to link across all the Groups.

A Name Space creates a pattern and informs what the topics of interest are within any Group. Similar subjects and topics are going to be created in many Groups and each will have a point of view. Sometimes we can reach a consensus that brings definition to a subject that should be presented in a Group like Sola Roof where we want to build a knowledge base - a set of reliable information that members can maintain as "best practices" - this is also why there is a great advantage to Working Openly since this allows the synergy of the Creative Commons? to emerge.