Group Wiki

A Group Wiki is much like this wiki where The Team is a core group of participants who work together to create the content of their wiki. Thus a number of collaborators can cooperate to design and implement a project or to build a community and organize activities. The Team take a collective responsibility to develop and manage the wiki while many others may support and encourage. Any Member of the Sola Roof community can contribute to and edit pages at your group without considering themselves as "participating" on The Team. Thus we can have an extended support group that has vast skills to contribute to our success. Visitors may also participate - since anyone is welcome to be a Member - please feel welcome to join by sending me an email.

The idea is that we will hear the voices of many individuals, groups and communities at our Sola Roof Wiki. We will see a multitude of initiatives and a Grass Roots movement to pioneer a great diversity of Eco Living lifestyles. Your group and community experiences are important to the whole Open Eco Community and together, we can build a sustainable future.