Design In 3 D

This is a group where we can discuss in detail individual 3D drawing and design software and we can use a Wiki Blog at this group to post ongoing information and feedback. I am very interested in using simple drawing packages that enable me to produce better sketches and then also to view and interact with the skilled CAD people on the wiki as we collaborate to develop projects. We can have a lot more detail here and technical discussion here than would be possible at the Yahoo Forum, where much of this discussion would be too technical for most of the members.

Thanks for bringing your ideas about design and drawing/illustration tools to these pages. I have created some Page Names to start the group off - as shown in the Side Bar - but I have not written them yet. If you would like to help with this group please write a Welcome page? and Home Page or start to work on any content that would be useful to the group. If we use the Blog here instead of the Yahoo Forum or private email then that is more efficient and a productive way to share our thoughts and information on Cad - a tool that is very important to our collective work.

Everyone is welcome to say hello at our Group Blog and ask questons or post contributions to this topic.