Not A Private Space

The purpose of a Wiki is for collaboration and sharing of information and experience therefore, by definition a Wiki is Not A Private Space. In fact the intention of a Wiki is quite the opposite; it is an opportunity to work in an Open Space where everyone can contribute. So, while we do have Personal Space within this Wiki where you can work individually or in smaller teams, all of this is made available so that we can use such content to prepare material to share in the Open Space.

The most Open Space of the Wiki has Wiki Topics? that become very defined and where there is more concern about being On Topic? - but this is not such a concern in the Personal Space. However, the content must always be relevant to our collaboration to BUILD a sustainable future and develop and share our methods for Eco Living. As on all other Wikis, our community will keep a good watch on what is happening in all areas to see that our purpose here and our Core Values are observed.