Personal Space

Personal Space explores a feature that is underdeveloped on most WikiWebs but which I encourage here at the Sola Roof Wiki. This is because Personal Space is the springboard to collaboration through better communication. Therefore, this is Not A Private Space; it is simply a space where you do not feel like you are in the center ground of the Open Space. It is still a public space but changes to it will not be reported automatically at SolaRoof/RecentChanges. Thus our personal activities in communicating and working with teams will not obscure the ongoing work on the development of the Knowledge Base of the Sola Roof Wiki, or the structural development of the Sola Roof Community and the Open Eco Community, all of which is tracked by Recent Changes.

We, as individuals track the changes that we wish to flag to other members so that they will find changes and new content in our Personal Space. This is done by updating our Profiles/YourName or Profiles Page as a "feed" to the rest of the community. This page is the portal to your Personal Space where links will direct other members to information that is of wider interest to the community. The update is not automated; these changes are made when we want to share our activity and it is referred to as Member Activity on our site wide navigation bars.

Much of what is happening in our Personal Space (which can include your Personal Website, Enterprise Website, and any Sola Roof Projects and Grass Roots Projects) will migrate to the Open Space areas of the Wiki. Other members might even do this for you by using some content that they find at your website to create content in a new or existing Wiki Page. Therefore, remember that your space is Not A Private Space.