Hi, what a weekend to go to NY!

Interesting that we have the most unusual and extreme drought in the USA history and now, only a year since Irene hit the North East with great damage we have the biggest hurricane ever (in the north Atlantic) producing more extreme damage and highest ocean surges ever. And yet, during an election there has not been any mention of the climate chaos (not "climate change", which sounds far too friendly) nor the Eco Collapse of mother earth's "carrying capacity" to sustain human populations at our rate of growth and consumption. Not a word about these issues in the US Presidential debate/campaigns. Never a connection made between the "energy debate" and multiple global crisis. And no willingness to acknowledge the need to let go of the fossil fuel industries more and more extreme oil/gas exploration options - that are taken to be the only serious way to provide realistic energy security, but are a non-renewable and environmentally hazardous stop gap solution at best. In a recent 5 year period, the fossil industry soaked up $72 Billion of government subsidies, while renewables got support of $12 Billion (and that includes bad ideas like ethanol from corn).

That said, I think we, on the green/clean energy side of the debate, need to realize that we have work to do to show that there are practical, new, breakthrough innovations that have not yet even been seen or recognized for what they can achieve to turn the tide on these Global Challenges. Sola Roof technology is one of these breakthroughs and we have discovered, with the POD, a way to enable this technology for solar construction technology to go viral by packaging the technology as a food security solution that can scale to the widespread use by a vast number of family and micro-enterprise members of an Open Source community. If we organize as a COOP for maximum sharing and cooperation in an open-ended and organically expanding (learning/teaching) community that is not waiting for government, professionals or businesses to act but is able to inspire individuals to take control and responsibility for their own and for the local food security.

Following upon this success with a virally adopted, infectiously attractive and exponentially growing COOP community, we will have a base to expand the scope of the solutions that can easily be integrated to include the use of Cold Water Resources, Mass Algae Culture, Aquaculture, Bio Digester Systems, Micro-Turbines, Super Flywheels, Fuel Cell technology, Cell Culture & Tissue Culture (non-MGO), local closed cycle wastes to energy/food/water, advanced transparent building envelope materials technology, advanced structural design that is earthquake, hurricane, flood and fire secure and social developments that will eliminate extreme poverty and death due to hunger/water problems. We will establish new Ecomimicry Architecture with integrated biomimicry technology that enables humanity to live in harmony with nature. Transportation will be transformed and its impacts greatly reduced, while people live happier less rushed and stressed lives. Culture will flourish and there will be diversity within a united global family that can celebrate the beauty of the complexity of human expression, when this emerges out of the infinite, intelligent Source of all being.

We will mobilize the wealth of the world in these directions because the true wealth of the world is controlled by all the people and families and they will make the key decisions about the shape of the future that is to come. Together, they have the knowledge, freedom, capacity, capital, vision and determination to provide the family and community building solutions that lead to security, self-reliance and truly sustainably productive lives which are understood to be inter-related and connected but that will shift away from the unhealthy, co-dependent, consumerist, removed from nature (and cut off from the Source) lifestyle that has been so heavily promoted (and conditioned through education and marketing) that has served as the foundation for building the highly concentrated corporate power and money economic-model through which a small elite seek to control the people of the world.

After your workshop - which I know to be focused on the new money paradigms - I hope that you can mobilize more key people to throw their support to the POD development and the exponential growth of the COOP that will strengthen the base of the family and help birth a global community that will built together towards regenerative food/water/energy security and abundance for all. This must become a campaign (see: DIY Food) and what better time to launch than now by making this solution one of the "Gifts" supporting the Birth 2012 movement! This and many other "Golden Technologies" will come together to help people everywhere to live - not only survive but thrive - through the midst of climate chaos and many global challenges that will demand the multiple-leveled paradigm shift that is embodied in the POD Kit.

To make this happen now and to move rapidly - aware of the urgency - we need a multi-talented and Gifted Team to communicate and resonate with the complexity that the POD reflects. Only then can we anticipate that the sharing/learning/teaching will inspire the organic growth of this community and build the COOP that will have the desired economic and financial capacity - becoming itself a powerhouse for Global Shift.

The gestation of this solution has taken decades and the POD Prototype (now near completion at Greenfire Farm) is the first visible, physical manifestation. But now, following the pattern created and in each step improving and solidifying the design - we must now begin a stage of replication that will lead to a vast multiplication of activity, massively parallel by people everywhere. If we sustain our work, through to completion and operational example, then all the great further developments are certain. People will act because they will be inspired by our action and they will be mobilized by crisis - this will be emergence by emergency.

I am cc'ing Kim and HÃ¥kon to introduce these collaborators/partners to you two and I hope to see a global team forming to birth the POD and COOP organization. I now feel that that this is the most important goal and those who wish to work with me as commercial partners must share the urgency of throwing our full capacity into the POD application for the Sola Roof Coop that is the key to turning the tide on the economic path to global melt-down. We should do this work as a first priority and then we will all have a future to focus on our joint commercial opportunities.

Therefore, I put to you the questions: Are you continuing with me with immediate action to secure the POD development/replication (a few sites in both America and EU) and then to form the COOP? Will we all direct our business opportunities strategically and funding to secure the POD development now?

Hurricane Sandy will have not impacted Toronto too badly - so, we expect to get home to Montreal on Thursday. I anticipate POD projects in St. Lucia! I look forward to catching up with all the developments with you both in the States and also to build more connections with our collaborators in Norway and the EU. Perhaps we can have some conference calls on the weekend!

Regards, Richard