Open Source

For the development/use of Sola Roof technology and knowhow I have adopted the Creative Commons Public License 3.0 (Attribution, Share-Alike and Non-commercial). This type of license is often referred to as Open Source, because this legal framework for sharing Intellectual Property falls within the Open Source Definition

This page is the place for discussion of an Open Source strategy by the Sola Roof community for nurturing an IP legal framework that supports the transformation of human civilization from its historic foundation on a knowledged based economy focused on warfare technology to a heart coherent community focused on “livingry” solutions. Our purpose is to be a catalyst for change that is healing and regenerative of the wellbeing of people and planet. The more specific objectives is to apply Open Source to reshape our world economy with “structural transformation” of:

  1. monopolistic, capitalist Corporations become Open Source suppliers
  2. competitive Business transition to Social Enterprise cooperation (Sola Roof Coop)
  3. Non-Profits and Charities evolve into the emergent Gift Economy - including the Sola Roof Foundation for humanitarian projects

Working at all three tiers of the economy, Sola Roof will serve as a catalyst for a cascade of fundamental change to shift people from economies of scarcity and conflict and empower our co-creation of a world where people live in an economy of plenty, thus to live at peace with one another and with nature.

With activation of Public Private Partnerships in several countries, I have intitiated specific plans to build exemplar corporate and govenment relationships (level 1 above) with the Sola Roof community. Corporations are invited to participate by engaging transparently to adopt our commercial CCPL - even though the commercial outcome can be "disruptive" to their business model. The level 2 activities, which is also called the “exchange economy” or “free enterprise” can localize the supply and use of Sola Roof solutions because they are unconstrained by economic monopolies. The above are all "natural opportunities" for every business sector to respond to the Sola Roof commercial opportunites. Thus, we harness the energy of financially self-supporting social enterprise to be established within these sectors that are traditionally competitive - we show how the economy can grow and people prosper while transtioning to a new style of collaboration & cooperation. Additionally there is the huge contribution to be made by the "service sectors" of tier 3, which include: education, research, the “people” (ecoVillages, community based organizations), by DIY and informal (barter) use for food, water, energy, health, shelter, etc. We encourage large Charitable organizations and NGOs that now dominate the level 3 sector of the ecomomy to chose to adopt Sola Roof for humanitarian projects and as a new strategy for “sustainable development” to end hunger and poverty, as well as a platform for better disaster and emergency relief and rebuilding.

There is now my initiative, called the Sola Roof Coop, as an exemplar level 2 social enterprise. At this time I can partner with you to build our POD Enterprise Network that cooperatively establishes POD Pioneers and POD Works - such activity will lend a great benefit to our commercial relationships and can only help to build our success. If you are receptive to the adoption of Sola Roof technology to build an Open Source business, then consider teaming up with our global movement. Key documents are available for download at POD Works Global.

Open Source is a natural IP framework for level 2 (which is also called the exchange economy) because truly "free" enterprise works best without the influence of monopolies, which are harmful to free market exchange. Level 1 is naturally adapted to monopoly, manipulation and exploitation and is the historic "extractive business model" where secrets have been important and Open Source principles of sharing and transparency will find some resistance. Level 1 has been called the "Command Economy" and it is controlled by an elite few and these powerful people rely on "ownership" and use legal systems to enforce and maintain privileges and restrict the rights of the masses. However, large corporation ownership is now widely distributed through the stock markets and the people’s money, in trust funds and pension programs have the power to change the operational policies of corporations.

Level 3 has never been powerful and in a world that is historically dominated by level 1 values, people have never witnessed the power of level 3 thought and action, except in rare and limited examples. Level 3 is founded on spiritual knowledge while level 1 is founded on materialism. Level 3 is also called the Gift Economy. Thought and action on this level is not about ownership and control but rather thrives on participation and sharing. There is however not always complete transparency that leads to authentic cooperation that is efficient and effective to meet all needs without exploitation. The largest of these organizations tend to perpetuate their mission and may treat victims as “clients” and operate with strategies that perpetuate dependencies, which over time can compound problems rather than “fixing them”.

Between these opposites we have level 2, which is the current most powerful player in the economy - except that level 1 has historic dominance and continues to have great influence and "projection" of power through the "conditioning" of people to be dependent on the elite. If we work together in this "exchange economy" sphere we will weaken the grip of level 1 and strengthen the freedom and independence of people everywhere to become less dependent on the elite and the Command and Control economy. The level 1 economy sustains a system of values that distort and limit the natural powers of people everywhere and condition populations to be and to remain dependent consumers. Level 2 thought and action will release people from these constraints and from all the harmful side-effects that are unsustainable consequences of Level 1 thought and action. As we become powerful in level 2 the world will feel the benefit of the shift in paradigm and the increasing influence and power of the level 3 values and principles. 

By operating at all levels we can bring level 3 values to the uplift those “at the base of the pyramid” directly and this results in the transformation of all levels so that harmful actions and side-effects of level 1 actions are reduced and the industries are transformed. This is possible now because the power rests with level 2 and the level 1 elite no longer have control over the majority population who are constantly improving their status through (fighting campaigns or dropping out of the systematic conditioning of level 1) progressing with level 2 thinking and action, which is based on fair exchange, the right of the people (local sovergnity trumps the claims of elite) to be the stewards of the planet, thereby taking back (and extinguishing) the concept of absentee ownership (by the “King” or overlords) that ends our exploitation at the hands of the elite and by their "legal persons", which are corporations.

Everyone knows in their heart (stepping away from our conditioning to be subservient to those who lord over us) that there is a world of difference between the corporation of level 1 and the enterprise of level 2. But level 1 players do seek to instil confusion that enables level 1 thought and action to penetrate level 2 and thereby diminish the power of free thought and action and the emergence of the natural instinct of the people to cooperate to be stewards and to release our self-impossed chains and ask the elite to relinquish the harmful and restrictive ownership and control of global resources. We people are subjugated by the “rule of law”, which the historic legacy of exploiters and enslavers who stalk the world like lions among the lambs. We are all conditioned to look at exploitation as being natural and unavoidable and to respect the exploiters as being our betters, the top tier of the social order who should be emulated and who we should aspire to be like. We know in our hearts that this is a lie and that there is no good in it for us - the ultimate good is missing from this level of thought and action. We can let go of this conditioning to aspire to be like the person on top - to be the fierce competitor who will destroy those in the same domain to become the dominant player and to achieve monopoly over our markets and dictate the price to our dependent customers.

Clear thinking and action that is not influenced by level 1 conditioning is the most powerful way to transform our world. We will find our level 2 values of fair exchange and free markets and we will project the transformational power of these emerging and strengthening values to influence level 1 thought and action - with the consequence that there will be alleviation of the the harm and damage of the worst cases of commercial exploitation on the extraction/consumption economic model.