Ecomimicry Architecture

I come back to this page with new ideas and perspective after gaining insight, from Richard Hogan, to the further development of the practice of Permaculture (starting a new topic here: Perma Culture), which I now appreciate to be a school of practice (embracing wide principles of organic and ecological culture) that might adopt Sola Roof technology and applications to the home and kitchen garden zones (I understand this is 1 & 2) and also to the garden greenhouse. In this context there is the "place" for the Ecomimicry Architecture in the heart of the zones - which are "framed" by the further permaculture zones that extend to the forest and the whole of this human settlement can thrive within the wider environment of the wildness of nature that is not damaged/harmed by such Eco Habitat and where such settlements are able in fact to restore and heal and recover the surrounding biodiversity. From this permaculture settlement there will be no emissions, effluents or pollution of any kind that will harm the natural world. Density of the human settlement will assure a small and beautiful footprint of the community on the land; such that even our maximum anticipated billions of people will use (probably) less than 3% of the land for this type of Eco Living settlement consisting of a fusion of Perma Culture and Ecomimicry Architecture.

Chemical Dependent Agriculture will be abandoned and vast programs of afforestation will commence and the process of rebuilding the rich life of the soils of the world will be the long term goal, which will take decades. Below, I do not mean to imply that the Sola Roof technology should be applied as the sole practice for cultivation - however, the paradigm shift is away from extensive field cultures and plantings, which are not sheltered - and towards the maximum integration of sheltered cultivation that is integrated with our built environment in such a way that the food, feed, fibre, fuel crops cultivation are grown within enclosed cycles that integrate with the roofs of our homes and buildings. This vision makes possible our Thrive Ability - meeting all life-support needs within the footprint of our built environment and permaculture zones that form the new Eco Habitat settlement.

Ecomimicry Architecture is a new paradigm for our built environment (homes and communities) that asks a designer to create buildings that are "living structures" (see: Sola Roof Goal), which in their conception bring together all the interwoven systems that can provide "life support" for the inhabitants.

Therefore is it a fusion of the natural and the man-made where our built environment is designed to harmonize with the natural energy that flows through the Sola Roof and sustains creation of abundant Bio Resources?, with no emission of wastes, including any GHG. Thus such Architecture will not disrupt the environment, nor place any burden of pollution or "carbon footprint" that has the effect of damaging or degrading the ecology within or without.

Like any well adjusted and adapted living system, the Eco Habitat should enrich its immediate environment and promote a greater biodiversity and thriving ecology. It seems that if the inner ecology of human habitat is not well balanced then there is a negative interaction with the environment that pulls it out of balance and this dysfunction will then gradually poison the health of the surrounding environment that affects the wider ecosystems. Such maladjustment means that the carrying capacity of the region will deteriorate and therefore the life support resources need to sustain the habitation diminish until a breaking point is inevitable.

Ecomimicry will take healthy models of functional ecosystems and apply the insights and knowledge to a deeper understanding of building design in which the buildings deliver amplified ecological life support to families and communities that will diminish the burden of the built environment on the immediate region.

Now that we have past the Tipping Point of the Birth 2012 WE can and must work with the purpose of co-creation of a new humanity and a new world, new story. The hope of 2010, expressed below is still alive, but 2013 is a time for ACTION - together, WE can make it happen, a future of abundance for all!

I am very positive about Biological methods for growing and providing natural nutrients to plants, which I am certain results in more nutritious food. Such methods provide an alternative the "organic" soil based growing (because soils are depleted and toxic and take years to restore to health) and I feel strongly that the answers to world poverty and hunger need innovative solutions that draw on the power of nature and work to enhance and amplify natural abundance that reflects God's abundance and his purpose to prosper our lives as work together to build a sustainable future for all.

I am confident that if we work with complete ecological systems - animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and algae that we can establish a natural food cultivation that will end hunger. And food abundance assures energy abundance if we use Bio Digester systems to recycle our crop and food waste as well as human and animal waste - these are Bio Resources? - to generate safe, completely non-toxic and highly nutritious food produced from the liquid digestate, which is a perfect plant food and is completely soluble. This approach fits well with "Aqua Bio Ponic?" plant culture, which is a non-synthetic nutrients hydroponic system. This holistic method can be sustained within a controlled environment greenhouse, using the low-tech, low-cost, low-energy Sola Roof technology so that we can harvest and plant continuously every day in any season and any climate no mater how extreme. Thus we create climate controlled space to overcome the challenges of dangerous Climate Change.

We do not need to work to regenerate soils and work in the difficult conditions of a disrupted climate, polluted environment and depleted depleted soils and toxic lands and waters. Within the Sola Roof natural processes will purify water, clean the closed environment and enrich the natural nutrients within the closed cycle food chain. All the biomass at some point becomes food for the anaerobic bacteria and therefore the solar energy that is captured by photosynthesis is released as energy dense Bio Gas that we can use to produce electrical power with integrated CHP. All CO 2 can be captured and used to enhance the photosynthetic conversion of algae and plants.

Plants can be grown for feed, food, fiber and fuel and algae can produce all required nitrogen nutrients to continuously add to a cumulative production/regeneration of nutrients for abundant crops and also for extraction of oil from algae for liquid fuel. The entire Sola Roof greenhouse, dwelling or building can be built with a transparent Sola Roof envelope - living, working and recreational spaces within controlled environment garden spaces. Believe me, every family who has such a home and every community with such built environment will have more of all essential needs - food, water, fiber, fuel, energy and comfortable productive space - than they can possibly consume. This is my new theme - or paradigm shift - of Ecomimicry Architecture.

My focus now in Montreal is to establish Sola Roof DIY backyard greenhouse - the first Alpha Site is full-scale greenhouse is now being constructed as a Production Model in the factory and by April we will launch 10 Beta Sites that will demonstrate this household solution for food security. It will pay for itself in one year out of savings on purchase of food alone. We will enable families to sustainably produce most of the food and and all the water as well as a big chunk of energy requirements from the DIY Kit greenhouse. This user community will be established as an Open Source global collaborative and encourage local clusters of cooperation and self-help. The Sola Roof DIY initiative will establish a user community owned COOP to secure supply of key components that make up a standardized DIY Kit. We will also collectively take action by supporting the Pay It Forward humanitarian projects, which will start with a focus on DIY Food projects.

DI Yers will establish best practices and share experience and improvements that will go into Open Manufacturing specifications, so that they can control the manufacturing specification and use collective purchasing power to obtain best cost and quality of components making up the the DIY Kit. This empowerment can be the trigger to a vast transformational movement that enables families to become self-reliant and gain freedom from the consumer lifestyle and learn skills for self-reliant living. This is the year, 2011 that I believe is the time, the 11th Hour for practical action on solutions to build resilient communities.

I am establishing a campaign to create a DIY Food movement this year, with a goal of 350 sites to be operational for 11.11.11 - a day for global celebration of solutions for sustainable living in cooperation with 350.ORG. I hope that there will be many sites in the USA. Please let me know what you all can do through your networks to help my DIY Food Campaign.