Sola Roof Coop

Since December 31, 2010 it has been the purpose of the Sola Roof Coop campaign to build a new non-exploitive, non-destructive economy where people everywhere can thrive in harmony with Nature through collaboration and cooperation.

Our first global social enterprise initiative is now launched, which is PODNet!


The POD Net Plan calls for the global COOP registration to be established by year end 2015 in Iceland - see the POD Net Website. A first POD Kit prototype is now underway in Athens, Ohio - at Greenfire Farm. We are planting Agri POD projects at many sites around the world including in Montreal where a crowdfunding stage is planned that will design and build an exemplar DIY POD Kit with @PODpioneers(also see:

Here is a slideshow describing how the Sola Roof Coop in 8 Slides. This slideshow also introduces the topic of POD Fresh Food - which is the main goal! See updated versions of this presentation at the PODNet website.

I leave the text below - because the intentions remain the same - but you can see the updated plans at the Start Up Plan page.

This is the home page for the initiative taken on 01.01.11 to form a COOP for he benefit of all Sola Roof Members who wish to take collective action to secure the supply of the POD Kit for backyard greenhouse projects.

This is the beginning:

Hi Sola Roof friends, I am very happy to welcome recent new members (at our @PODpioneers) and I hope you can help me connect with your friends to tell them about Sola Roof - which is a new idea for solar greenhouses, homes and buildings that will enable people everywhere to take direct action to stop Global Warming: in the backyard, in the home and in our communities.

Sola Roof is Open Source, affordable, accessible and adaptable to our built environment. Architecture 2030 and many other groups agree that buildings are the greatest opportunity for change that can make a radical impact on CO 2. Have a look at the Sola Roof solution - proven, low-tech innovation for transparent roof structures, like greenhouses (or generally for glazings) that provides Liquid Bubble Insulation as needed (on cold winter nights), daylight modulation (liquid shading and cooling) and capture and use of most of the solar spectrum by means of growing plants and algae under the Sola Roof (for building rooftop, year-around gardens). Yes, it works! Originated in Canada, in commercial use in Norway!

For 2011, my resolution is to take Sola Roof viral and build a global collaborative DIY community that is about self-help and a DIY Food Campaign to help lift others out of poverty and disaster. I have set the goal of 350 DIY projects to become operational for 11/11/11 and to link with 350.0RG during this year to gain maximum awareness of the importance of the localization of food growing. DIY Food is also an educational and humanitarian campaign that is grassroots and community based and will create a "transformational social network". This call to action is supported by our adoption of Open Source sharing of knowledge and experience and creating a framework for cooperation and entrepreneurship. At 01.01.11 - a great date for a new beginning, Sola Roof is launching the Sola Roof Coop, referred to as the COOP, with a purpose of global replication that gives our DIY community ownership of manufacturing and authority to provide certification to a marketing network of "social entrepreneurs" to represent the DIY Kit greenhouse products and provide technical support to the COOP Members.

I am very confident that Sola Roof DIY, as supported by the Open Source community and the COOP organization will expand exponentially since millions of families will appreciate the opportunity to take personal responsibility for food security and gain control over essential renewable resources, including food, water and energy. Family farms can use Sola Roof to local, low- energy, zero carbon, growing of food, feed, livestock, fish, and fuel (Algae + crop/food/organic wastes) crops using production systems that require little or no-cost inputs due to closed cycle Eco Dynamic processes, which a global collaborative can accomplish and disseminate very rapidly.

I am very excited about 2011 and I invite all who are ready to learn new Eco Living skills to join the Sola Roof DIY community where awareness and concern can become action - since solutions are at hand and Sola Roof can be catalyst that enables thoughts of a sustainable future to be realized. The Sola Roof Coop will engage all Sola Roof members - any are welcome to join the COOP and I hope that this new initiative will make Sola Roof DIY much more accessible. Such developments do take time to organize and implement, so there will be more information on progress with forming the COOP in the weeks ahead. Ongoing updates will be posted at the Sola Roof Wiki.

I wish everyone a great 2011 (note: the timeline for action in 2011 did not work out but I have great hopes that 2012 is the right time and we will take action together to build a future of abundance for all).

22nd of December 2012 Another Video Bridge Event in the Framework of Birth Day.