Wiki Web Log

Hello friends and collaborators,

This is my experimental use of the Sola Roof Wiki to operate from my Personal Website a Wiki Web Log. Comments should not be directed here. Feel free to discuss my Log here or within any of the LogPages. Also, if I have not opened an entry for today please write a new Log entry in the form SolaroofguyLog/yyyymmdd in your browser's URL address bar and then "go" to the new Log Page? that you have created where you can initiate a discussion with me (which is more of a dialogue than would be an edit at the Sola Roof Wiki) but remember that all Log entries are still accessible to everyone.

I will your new Log Page on my SolaroofguyLog/RecentChanges, which I call my [Recent Changes Log Activity]] on my Website Navigation Sidebar. Don't worry about format too much because I will probably edit your contribution to my website, move it or use it to build a related page here or at Sola Roof Wiki. Thanks for your participation!

Together we can BUILD a sustainable future!