Bio Digester

If we want to implement a complete Eco Dynamic system for Food and Energy production enabled by the Sola Roof structure, then we need a Bio Digester component. The Bio Digester design is an important area of technology development for efficient closed systems that would recycle organic nutrients, water, Bio Gas and organic solids that can be used for organic soil conditioning.

Conventional Bio Digester construction use air tight tanks that do not achieve complete treatment since they operate in a semi-batch process, allowing untreated wastes to mix and exit with fully treated materials that are retained for sufficient time. Sola Roof methods for establishing Bio Digester process provides a true Batch or Continuous treatment process that ensures complete reduction of organic waste that is transformed by anaerobic bacteria into a Bio Gas fraction used as a Bio Fuel, a liquid fraction containing soluble nutrients for plant and algae culture and an organic solid fraction that makes a great soil conditioner.

Our short term development program intends to optimize and maximize clean energy production, which is focused on local and distributed electrical power that will combust the Bio Gas using a gas turbine or modified diesel engine and has the purpose of collecting and using the CO 2 to elevate and retain this gas within our plant and algae culture Controlled Environment so that no GHG are released to the global atmosphere where they are a cause of Global Warming. The Bio Gas fed to the electric power generation is typically 60% Bio Methane and 40% CO 2 and this flue gas is pure CO 2 and can be fed into the growing environment. We can also use the waste heat, which is called a combined heat and power (CHP) system.