POD Prototype

The POD Prototype is now underway at Greenfire Farm, which is an organic and permaculture farm near Athens, Ohio. We have started this project with the founder of Greenfire Farm, Richard Hogan on June 21st 2012 as a project of the Summer Of Re Generation? 2012 and we anticipate completion by July 21st. To celebrate this milestone we are planning an all day workshop and global Video Bridge conference on July 28th.

The POD Prototype is a study and learning project with the goal of launching a second stage of this work that will result in a POD Kit as the outcome, with the goal that this product will be accessible as a prefab kit for self-assembly by the Sola Roof DIY community. Those who wish to purchase the POD Kit will become COOP Members and will gain access to the prefab structure and other components for which the Sola Roof Coop has established supply. Commercial suppliers are welcome to tender their offers to serve the demand of the COOP Members for the components and materials.

The POD Prototype has an interior floor area of 16' width and 20' length, with a 2' Bubble Cavity and therefore an outside measurement of 20' wide by 24' in length and is about 16' high at the peak. We will be posting drawings, photos, video and other information/data to provide a full disclosure. This principle of "Working Openly" allows our team to benefit from much input from the Sola Roof Community and from the worldwide networks who are collaborating and will cooperate for the expansion of the Sola Roof Coop and our SE Net for distributed manufacture/supply/service activities.

There will be much information coming - check back with us soon.