Sola Roof DIY

I am really excited about the Sola Roof DIY plan, which will get a big boost by starting up the Sola Roof Coop in Quebec. Sola Roof will sponsor the start up since an investment and production commitment is needed to mobilize the direct purchase relationship the first of perhaps several members of the Manufacturing Network, which, for structural components is Sapa Montreal. There is a necessary start up investment that is outlined in the COOP Bus Plan.

The COOP will establish a first project called the Alpha Site in or near Montreal this month and then we will select 10 Beta Sites to showcase the DIY Kit that will be put into production in Montreal in cooperation with Sapa, Montreal, who will be the first extruder to produce and ship our aluminum flat-pack structure kit. With success in this first location we can work with Sapa America to establish other business units of the COOP across Canada/USA.

We build the Alpha Site DIY Kit project in January and then the 10 other sites in Quebec by early spring. Each one of these 10 Beta Sites will be established by an Enterprise Members of the COOP, who will sell and support the installation/operation of "ordinary" COOP members (customers). This is the beginning of the Marketing Network?, which presents an opportunity establish "home based enterprise" for a potentially very large number of people. These people are both Sola Roof Members and also are COOP Members who are also affiliated with each other as Certified Representatives of the COOP. They form a distributed network of entrepreneurs that we call "SE Net" - the Social Enterprise Network. These are sustainable "green growth" jobs based on new skills for self-reliant living that will take root in communities everywhere.

There is no limit to the scaling up of this organization. It is designed for exponential growth since each of the COOP Members can teach an new Member and any "ordinary" Member can step up to become an Enterprise Member. Also, Enterprise Members can establish associated Enterprise Members who they will enlist and train. Everyone in the Marketing Network? is certified and affiliated with the COOP organization. This open participation process allows our organization to expand organically and exponentially.