Eco Habitat

This is the Start Page for a group developing the technology for Eco Villages. There are a number of earlier pages on the subject which can be found here

Eco Villages, and ecologically appropriate habitat more generally, present humans with opportunities for mutual well-being in stabilized (but not static) environments which embrace and cultivate a customizable rubric of non-exploitative values. This adaptive principle invites the integration of modern technical capabilities and cumulative knowledge with the natural environment and its organic tendencies, towards an harmonious and hospitable enclave. While frequently built to current fashion "from the ground up," ecovillages may well evolve from and/or within existing systems of habitation, even the extremely urbanized. Proven technologies and design solutions may be freely interwoven with experimental and theoretical measures in the current atmosphere of promulgation and advancement. Ecovillage implementations simultaneously address threatening social and biological discontinuities with practical, scalable and lasting effect. This Wiki forum may serve as a meeting place, knowledge base, fount of inspiration, open source collaboratory and more, advancing these crucial considerations.


  • Frameworks--legal, philosophical, ethical, etc.
  • Infrastructure--key practical considerations


  • Web Portals--extensive or well-linked internet sites facilitating the design, implementation, and cultivation of Eco Habitat projects
  • Tech Tools--useful free/open-source products


  • Eco Villages--proposed, forming and existing
  • Ecovillage networks and alliances--see OECNet
  • EcoReality an open-source inspired ecovillage project in southwestern British Columbia, Canada


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