No Name Yet

The No Name Yet project is an attempt to build a series of habitable dwellings for humans in a Texas desert. The emphasis will be on inexpensive but comfortably air conditioned space at low initial cost and low annual energy costs. With frequent full sun and temperatures extending into the 130sF, this is an extreme challenge.

These dwellings will include provision for Mass Algae Culture growing.

This area of the wiki will be used to record lessons learned - even the negative ones. There will be a Wiki Blog to record progress and events.

The tentative design approach for the first building will be to intergrate three elements:

  1. SolaRoof with a Mass Algae Culture system into
  2. the gothic arch style from temporary boat sheds and
  3. using part-time low pressure inflation to make the skins more rigid.

The tentative design approach for the second building will be a shed shaped building of glass and strawbale or papercrete, intergrated with Sola Roof and a Mass Algae Culture system. - Bobby

The tentative design approach for the third building will be a ferrocement rib system for the Solaroof part of the design. - Bobby