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The Sustainable Ethical Network - SE Net

This is a start page for SE Net that is based on the Sola Roof main wiki page as a starting point. But since the 2011 initiative to form the Sola Roof Coop will actually be the basis for the start up of SE Net, this will be the page that will be the place for further discussion.

SE Net’s first purpose is to manufacture, supply and service affordable, accessible, appropriate SOLAROOF technology by distribution directly to families, communities and business enterprises on a worldwide basis. Secondly, SE Net will cooperate with and support the development an interactive, Open Source Internet Community to develop the SOLAROOF products and improve diffusion of knowledge and best practices. The Open Eco Center Network? ("OEC Net?") forms an important link between SE Net who work on the supply side and the SOLAROOF community End Users?, who are the principal developers of product and system specifications. The Eco Centers? will train and certify a vast numbers of professional SE Net representatives and Expert Teams that can work closely together with individuals and Project Teams?. They can assist groups to form intentional Eco Communities? and Eco Villages and to support and guide such groups to become cooperative developers of their own projects that will truly satisfy community and social values.

A worldwide internet community will work together with SE Net technology teams to maintain the content of an enormous knowledge base and collaborative Sola Roof Wiki? that will support Open Source standards for education and training of professionals and people everywhere in the art and know how for sustainable urban & rural living and Eco Community? design. These Open Source solutions will bring diverse communities safely through the first turbulent decades of the new millennium as we transition from unstable “growth and consumption economies” to a sustainable economy. SE Net will be an icon to the next generation and an example of responsible business cooperation for the good of people and the planet. While we are living in the information age, the business community is largely still anchored in the industrial age; however, SE Net will be one of the first truly global enterprises pioneering a new pattern of distributed manufacture, supply and use that is appropriate to the emerging knowledge age.


The SOLAROOF Sustainable Ethical Network is the “for profit” commercial side of our community and these distributed businesses will contribute “Honor Payments” to help secure the funding of the Grass Roots? activities of the Open Eco Center Network? which are known as “social investments”. Honor Payments? from commercial users (both registered manufacturers and certified Open Eco Design? professionals) will be directed to our IP Contributors? and to the OEC Net? where these funds will be directly invested in research or added to the stream of development funding flowing to our Grass Roots? projects.

As a practical step, a first priority is to focus our collaboration towards the implementation of the first Eco Centers?, which are now in the planning stage. Through the linkages of the SE Net and OEC Net? the commercial members of the Sola Roof Community? will become the world’s leading suppliers of building systems, including the manufacture and supply of these advanced materials and products

  1. Transparent building envelope materials manufacturing
  2. Modular structural components fabrication
  3. Mechanical and solar energy equipment
  4. Eco Living? Systems” ecological and plant growing components
  5. Network of installers for professional support & service
  6. Distributed Network of “social entrepreneurs”
  7. Multi-level sales Network for franchise business opportunities
  8. Design Services for our expert adaptation of SOLAROOF products to all climates this to be accomplished though SE Net expert teams that are associated with local Eco Centers?
  9. Combined volume purchasing of our worldwide community provides mass production opportunities to cooperating SE Net manufacturers

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