Eco Dynamic

Sola Roof - moving from existing concepts of Passive Solar Buildings (massive/passive) to our Eco Dynamic Buildings (light/bright) which have many more benefits. Our effort now is to communicate the important advancements that are enabled by Sola Roof and we are actively seeking opportunities to deliver "exemplar projects".

Sola Roof is focused on the goal of localization of food production - growing continuously through all seasons with very low energy and carbon footprint. But the medium term goal is "carbon negative food" and clean energy produced from our Sola Roof projects the Food + Energy Eco Dynamic system (FEED) that integrates Algae culture and utilize an advanced anaerobic Bio Digester for clean electrical power that is Carbon Neutral or Negative.

The long term goal is to replicate community based FEED systems widely - not only in the developed world but as a real solution to poverty and hunger and a means of combating the impact of dangerous climate change, which will affect food supplies globally. Sola Roof is profitable and can be replicated as community based Social Enterprise Network and generate sustainable economic advantages. Our exemplar projects - such as can be implemented at several Eco Centers - will help with the diffusion and replication and much of the work to be done in that respect is educational.