Collaboration Is The Key

Below is a letter of 10-02-2004 to ANPRC (A New Perspective Restoration Corporation) who are a Group brought together by David Dobbins, one of the elders of the Kingdom Builders network.

Hello my brothers/sisters living in the Christ spirit,

I pray that your long years of steadfast work towards our deeply shared goals will now find their reward; that we will be found ready and prepared to receive the outpouring of God's grace - grace that can satisfy more than we hope for and that can lead us past the furthest horizon of our combined vision. The key to Kingdom Builders success, both in our preparations and action, is collaboration. To be in agreement; to act with unity is the only way possible to channel the outpouring of God's grace, one person alone has not the capacity. We need cooperation that reaches a degree of unity in spirit that could be described as communion. This divine relationship that we seek is founded on our love in Christ; our wish to be like Him and to be servants to each other and to all people.

Most especially our efforts must be directed to rebuilding lives that have been damaged and restoring health and well being to communities, the environment and God's sacred circle of life. I believe that as we envision how to make our dwellings into a sacred space where God is present, then we shall see how ABUNDANTLY he has provided for his children; this is our Promised Heritage. As described in the Book of Revelations our cities will be the source of living waters and along side these waters will be the Tree of Life bearing a constant harvest, which is symbolic of the balance and connection to green living plants that will integral to the ecological life support that should be found within our dwellings and communities in the future. My vision is that we are not called to "return", child-like, to the Garden of Eden but to build with mature knowledge and understanding an environment on earth that reflects the vision of the Celestial City. This image of a sacred habitate is certainly identified with the Blue Green principle of life giving water and food from living plants. This vision predicts that structures, as living systems, can provide the ecological life support to constantly produce an abundance of energy, food and water so that human settlements will no longer be a burden to the natural ecology. Our "foot print" on this fragile planet will be lightened; even in our billions our transformed homes and communities will have very little environmental "impact".

Our structures must no longer be thought of a stone and brick; they will be living, breathing, and "crystal" shelters. Just as we worship a living God, we need to infuse the Holy Spirit into our dwellings. These structures will then be enabled to sustain us by the natural grace of God; producing a natural abundance that is God's gift to his children. Thus our spiritual relationship to God is to become manifest on an earthly plain "On earth, as it is in Heaven". The Blue Green resources that we need are all around us; it is our communion with God that will reveal the sustainable source of our true wealth and well being.

In these "last days", when the darkness is gaining its greatest influence and has gained hold over the multitudes, the faithful are awaiting the dawn of God's great "Day" - the dawn of His glorious millennium when "knowledge of God will cover the earth like an ocean" - knowledge that is accessed through communion with the Holy Spirit who will guide us into all truth. I say that the promised day is at hand when we will live in the light; our transparent structures will be a crystal sea over the land that will herald the dawn of a millennium of knowledge, peace and fulfillment. This is an era of attainment of mature wisdom when the night of ignorance is dispelled; all error will be exposed; the truth will not be hidden; the way will be revealed; and every person will find freedom and eternal life.

The Holy Spirit can teach us what we do not know; can teach us how to live. But for this to happen in an effective way multiple channels are needed. In fact a multitude of channels are required - each person with their special gifts and talents - and these notes must be harmonized in a unity we will find in the Holy Spirit. Then we will create the beautiful music that will attract or awaken, disturb or inspire - what ever the effect on each individual - it will be obvious to all that this new song is from God. I hope that these thoughts will strike a chord with the reader and that you can resonate with this message. As a result our actions will be manifest in the physical plane - so we will speak of technology, methods and systems - yet we intend to manifest a spiritual solution to the urgent problems and crises that are growing daily and which endanger the most helpless. Our spiritual obligation is to act, not in our own self interest, but to help and protect "the least" of these among us.

Thus we welcome to the challenge of compassionate communion that cannot tolerate the poverty, hunger and suffering of the poorest in our midst (who are most often also young and innocent persons). To be successful with this spiritual mission we must tap into the source of true wealth - the Holy Spirit - then we must first let the spirit teach us the way to sustainable living. Then we can manifest this knowledge to others and create effective action plans to assist and to teach our bothers and sisters who are in need. We will be able to offer a hand to lift them onto this same path of freedom and self reliance, meaning reliance on the abundant natural gifts of God.

The knowledge of how to physically build and manifest such a life must be freely and openly offered to all people. There must not be restriction and barriers to its use since this will exclude the least able. The technical means to provide such accessibly is called Open Source disclosure, internet publication and interactive sharing of our experience. But we can not stop with information, we must also have a mechanism to put the last first and make the least among us visible and placed in the position of most importance and this process can be facilitated by our Grass Roots Initiative. Then, once identification and connection have been established we need a mechanism for the direct channeling of resources to those who are most in need - and this can be achieved by the "Pay It Forward" mechanism and the Gift Economy. Along with these social and economic means we need an action plan that can be implemented by multitudes of informed and connected people, families and communities and this is called DIY ("DoItYourself"), which is the only practical solution for action to be taken on the vast scale that is needed. Our power to create true wealth is to be found in creating harmony and connection between our life and the natural forces of nature, which we can do by letting nature into our habitation and understanding how to apply the Blue Green solution - the exploitation of water working (the Blue) and living plants (the Green) that when combined with sun light produces abundant sustainable resources. The active use of sun light by transparent structures is the technical innovation that provides continuous results in all regions and extremes of season and climate.

Technically, the application of the Blue Green solution has the simplicity that is characteristic of any profound insight. And the Sola Roof concepts for transparent roof systems are nothing more than simple, practical methods to implement the Blue Green solution. The Sola Roof terminology is intended to be generic - not belonging to anyone but used by everyone to identify a set of concepts which are largely common sense. Sola Roof is a word coined to place our focus on the key element that is needed. It comes down to fundamentals: If you were homeless and destitute what would be your first priorities for survival? One often hears it said that our most basic needs are "to have a roof over our head" and food to eat. Thus shelter is the primary requirement for survival along with our immediate need for food and water. And our concept of shelter can be reduced to the essential requirement of a roof (as it is in a pictogram) and the related physical problems of holding up the roof and making a whole system of enclosure. Secondarily there is the issue of the comfort provided by this shelter since the goal has been to protect us from the extremes of nature.

The roof is a key technology but it is not seen to be a "technology" in our society. To change this perception and support the access to and use of our transparent roof system is the purpose of Sola Roof. We suggest that the transformation the approximate 2 billion buildings and over 10 trillion square feet of urban, "built environments" in the world is the key to curing the greatest crises of our day. We must also consider that in the next 20 years more buildings will be built than exist at this time. So it is very important to get the Sola Roof technology to the people all around the globe. The good news is that our grass roots, DIY approach can quickly bring our Blue Green revolution to people where they live; in their homes and communities. This action plan is independent of governments, business or academic support since its drive and intelligence is rooted in a common desire of every person: to build a sustainable future for our children; reverse the damage done to the environment; and finally, to restore health and well being to people and the planet.

One can have a purely technical approach to Sola Roof but pondering this spiritual vision is the best way to understand our mission and I look forward to your collaboration and help in building the Sola Roof Wiki knowledge base at where we have an interactive website with dynamic content. Please contribute your piece of the puzzle and team up with us to support a "whole systems" resource for sustainable living. We will be constantly changing and growing and bringing you examples of successful Sola Roof projects around the world. Therefore please do visit often - all our information is free for your personal and non profit use and commercial businesses are invited to work together in a vast social enterprise network that will build a better tomorrow.

Warm regards to you all, Richard Nelson Cell: +1 514-692-9107

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