Controlled Environment

Conventional agriculture and aquaculture is done on the open fields and ponds and are not closed cycles. The modern, mechanized growing methods are a huge source of pollution and degradation of soils and waters because there is no control or containment. Losses of these non-renewable petrochemical inputs also increases the costs and health risks of conventional agriculture. Soil depletion, water depletion and the pending crisis of Peak Oil will create a food crisis for conventional agriculture (see Chemical Dependent Agriculture), which is now compounded by the impact of Climate Change that is caused by Global Warming. Conventional agriculture contributes as much as 1/3rd of GHG to the atmosphere and uses as much as 10% to 15% of fossil fuel consumption.

Conventional greenhouse technology is like conventional agriculture except that it is sheltered and can extend the growing season. Greenhouses are ventilated and cannot control internal solar thermal gains nor transpiration that would cause elevated temperature and humidity if not for air-change that is required at up to one air volume change per minute. Sola Roof is a very substantial advance over the ventilated greenhouses that are currently used and our Solar Greenhouse and Eco Habitat is capable of controlling temperature and humidity within a Controlled Environment that is also "Closed Atmosphere".

Sola Roof is a paradigm shift that is even more intensive and productive per area, since we can maintain enriched conditions for growth that operates with zero losses and total take-up of the natural inputs. Phyto Mechanisms? of plant growth are accelerated and the full sunlight can therefore be utilized and produce maximum Biomass Production. Greenhouses are a technological approach to Controlled Environment, however, current technology is inefficient and do not sustain closed atmosphere operations due to the use of ventilation to control temperature (prevent overheating) and humidity (ventilation prevents saturation) and this ventilation creates losses of thermal energy and water.

Sola Roof is a closed or contained Controlled Environment system that is much more efficient - requiring 10 times less energy for heating and cooling - as a result of the Liquid Solar technology and Liquid Bubble Insulation. Ideal temperature and humidity can be accurately controlled and all of the H 2 O?, CO 2 and Oganic Nitrogen? cycles are closed and these resources and energy are produced in excess to consumption thus reducing costs and continuously generating by products of clean energy, pure water and organic soil conditioner.

Controlled Environment food production can eliminate fossil fuel use in food production and thus Sola Roof has the potential to help avert Global Warming, since our buildings have a negative CO 2 footprint.