New And Improved


For Hot Climates Sola Roof eliminates the Hot Roof Problem with cooling methods that are 20 times more efficient than air conditioning, while in Cold Climates? the Sola Roof reduces heating costs by a factor of 40 times. We are supporting the ongoing development and improvement of a Solar Technology that offers a more “holistic” design approach for building sustainable homes and communities.

SOLAROOF advances the technology for “glazed structures”, which are transparent building envelopes, by specifying transparent Sola Fabric materials; a selection of building cladding that is made from strong, flexible, light-weight coated fabrics and laminate sheet material. These materials are used in multiple layers to cover highly engineered metal structures. The metal structures are prefabricated with precision mass production methods and can be applied to all kinds of building use. Such advanced construction has many advantages including cost savings in construction and, due to the bolted assembly and Sola Fabric attachment system, the ability to relocate the buildings, which have a very low shipping weight and volume.

The Sola Roof approach to solar energy capture and conversion will incorporate both Photovoltaic and Photosynthesis processes that work with a completely transparent roof evelope. These buildings are more “intelligent” because their operation is guided by knowledge based control systems. Computer expert systems will be the standard for the implementation of SOLAROOF projects that assure the optimum function and operation of all building processes. Computer automated control of the ecological, energy and climate control systems that regulate all the building and environmental functions qualify our projects as advanced “Intelligent Building” systems.

SOLAROOF building projects are not only intelligent – they have the unique advantage of systems that are able to mimic natural processes to the degree that a SOLAROOF building can be described as a “Living System”. This biomimicry achieves an integration of building, mechanical systems, water working & living plants (the “Blue Green” solution) and eco-systems within the building that together provide Eco Living solutions for people,fish, animals and plants that inhabit the ecologies of these living structures. Thus human habitats of all types – residential, work, recreation and public spaces – can become the means to produce water, food, and energy that creates self-reliant family and community units. Sola Roof projects can be substantially self-sufficient and operate with nearly zero emissions or effluents and thus have much less environmental impact than conventional construction. The Sola Roof projects may therefore be sited closer to sensitive natural ecosystems without problems of disruption or contamination of the surrounding environment.

The key to the success of our continuing advancement and improvement is the Open Source development framework that provides the foundation for a strong multidisciplinary approach that can engage with a vast number of collaborators. This unlimited human resource will be able to supply both the intelligent controls (the software) and the innovative materials (the hardware) that are needed construct a new generation of buildings that are appropriate for the new millennium. From the footings to the rooftop our Blue Green building systems capture and use renewable energy – we tap into the geo-energy of lake, ocean and the earth for cooling and the abundant solar radiation for daylight and energy conversion – utilizing sustainable ambient energy resources that are freely available everywhere.