Liquid Solar Tech

Introduction to Liquid Solar Concepts:

Liquid Solar Chapters - a draft list of principal sub systems.

A SOLAROOF building is not passive but is thermally active, and can capture, convert and store solar energy for utilization in a Solar Controlled Environment process. This Liquid Solar process works equally effectively in Hot Climates using the Liquid Cooling and in Cold Climates? by using the Liquid Bubble Insulation. A Sola Roof building will utilize a Liquid Thermal Mass as a thermal "sink" or "source" of low grade, low temperature thermal energy. Liquid Solar referres to a Water Working process, which operates within the Transparent Building Envelope? to maintain a dynamic thermal equilibrium in the building. By the operation of the thin Liquid Film cooling process the building environment is characterized as having a steady temperature and humidity that is modulated gradually from day to night like a biorhythm. These biomimicry methods are able to utilize ambient resources such as the Solar Thermal Energy? and Cold Water Resources that include Lake Water?, Sea Water? and Ground Water?. The Liquid Solar Tech is not only engineering but it is about Life Science?, Bio Tech? and Phyto Technology? processes which integrate and bring together Water Working and Living Plants? as the Blue Green solution.

SOLAROOF calls for a Multi Discipline? approach to a collaborative Open Eco Design to give us buildings that can provide a remedy for the Hot Roof Problem and the Heat Island Effect? which is typical of current Urban Sprawl Cities?. Our Liquid Solar Tech methods are very accessible and enhance Water Collection?, Water Conservation?, Water Treatment? and Water Purification? - basically we work with the "water of life" to protect and restore this most abundant of natural resources.

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